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Stalin's Villa


If you want to have a trip back in time and experience what it is like to live like the most controversial Soviet leader Josef Stalin, then visit Stalins dacha in Sochi a very famous tourists sight among foreigners.

Stalins villa in Sochi


Stalin had some health problems and loved taking treatment with Sochi mineral springs and sea water. Sochi climate, the air and the landscape always made him feel better and restored his physical condition. That was the reason why the Communist dictator popularized Sochi and made it affordable for the working class.

Construction of the Stalin's Villa

Stalins dacha (a vacation home) was built in 1937 by his favorite soviet architect Miron Merzhanov. As Stalin ordered to build a house comfortable both for working and taking rest, he had a preliminary wish no fountains on villa territory. Josef Stalin had his safety issues that influenced architecture and the interior of his residence in Sochi.
However, Merzhanov built a very beautiful fountain for Stalin hoping the Leader will love the sight of it and will change his mind. But he received a very strict order to take the fountain down. Stalin did not want that the sound of the falling water disturbed the stillness. He wanted to hear footsteps of people approaching him. So the fountain was covered with soil and turned into a flowerbed overnight!

Garden where the fountain used to be

Architecture and Interior Design

Another Stalins safety oddity is that he wanted his dacha in Sochi to be unnoticeable among the long and thick pine-trees, so the construction workers put green paint into concrete which made the house look camouflage green. Interesting enough, that the exterior has not been renovated or repainted since then and the color has not faded at all.
The interior is designed in minimalism style, there is almost no decoration work, the parquet flooring is plane, Stalin allowed no pictures or portraits of himself. Carpets never covered the cold floor, since Stalin, again, wanted to hear peoples footsteps. The portraits were hung and carpets laid when the Stalins summer house was open as a museum after his death.

Wooden panels and parquet

Stalin's Hobbies

Stalins favorite kind of entertainment was playing pool, chess or watching his favorite Charlie Chaplin movies in a cinema hall, sitting on his bulletproof sofa. It was made according to Stalins sketches and stuffed with horsehair. The sofa arms are high with the equal-height back, as he wanted to be able to hide from a hypothesized shooter. 

Stalin's Cinema Hall

In the cinema hall there is a desk with a wax figure of Stalin. The silver desk set was given to Stalin by Mao Zedong as a present.

Silver desk set presented by Mao Zedong

In the nearby room visitors can play pool using the original cue and table (more than a hundred years old) used by the Soviet leader.

Stalin's pool room

Or play chess at the original chess set, often used by Stalin as he really enjoyed it.

Stalin's chess set

This small swimming pool looks more like a bath tub. Stalin used to walk in the pool filled with the Black Sea water, since he could not swim.

Stalin's swimming pool

Staying in Stalin's Dacha

If you would like to deeper feel and experience the Soviet atmosphere, you can stay in Stalins dacha for the night and see for yourself if there is truly a ghost of Stalin wandering around at midnight. We offer you to try out the Stalins villa in the summer, since it might be too cold in the winter, because there is no central heating at all. And the walls are made of concrete and are 70 cm thick for, again, security reasons.

Stalin's Dining room

The villa also offers to dine out in Stalins dacha restaurant where you will be offered Stalins favorite specialties and wine.

And by the way, some say that the Soviet architect Merzhanov made the molding under the balcony that resembles Stalin's sideview. Can you spot that? Let me know. 

Stalin's sideview

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