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Sochi Tea Houses

If you want to closer familiarize yourself with the Russian culture, then visit Sochi Tea Houses where you can drink locally produced intensely aromatic black tea and enjoy a folk band singing Russian traditional songs.

Sochi Tea Houses

Tea Houses is actually an ecological hand-made wooden log house (Izba) built in 1972 in an old traditional style with rustic decorative carvings on the inside and outside. 

Sochi Tea Houses Interior


The interior, with hand-made wooden furniture and chandeliers, feature a household of rich Russian nobility. Tea Houses were built to host international delegations. Many prominent people have enjoyed Sochi tea here including Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel.


History of the Sochi Tea

Tea is a very famous drink in Russia. No wonder, local community of agriculturists started trying to grow tea in Sochi centuries ago (since 1887). The first tries were not successful, since tea bushes didn’t survive snowy winters. In 1896 a Russian expedition brought selected tea seeds from China, unfortunately only 5% gave sprouts, as the Chinese scalded the seeds with boiling water.
In 1901 a Ukranian migrant Judas Koshman cultivated a cold-resistant tea plant and developed a plantation of 800 bushes.

Sochi Tea Bush

Years later, Sochi became well-known as a place of northernmost tea in the world, grown in the Caucasus Mountains. Later a tea-processing factory was built on the plantation estate. It helps to minimize costs and time between plucking, tea processing and packing.
Due to harsh climatic conditions Sochi tea acquires strong fragrance and aroma, deep color and a very reach taste. Another unique feature of the local tea is that it grows without pesticide as the Sochi climate proved fatal to many diseases.

Russian Tea Party

 Ladies in traditional costumes will welcome you inside the Sochi Tea House and offer hot strong tea prepared in a traditional Russian kettle – Samovar.This large vessel has a fire bin inside where charcoal and wooden sticks are burned to boil water and then keep it hot. You will love drinking tea by the fireplace in a cozy wooden room that is filled with relaxing fire fragrance. 

Fire place at Sochi Tea houses


For the tea you will be offered Russian traditional apple jam and poppyseed pies, hazelnuts to crack with a nutcracker, several kinds of jam, honey and apples (If the season allows). 


Sochi Tea Party


All these are grown in the surrounding area. The local folk band will sing Russian traditional songs for you, accompanied with an accordion and some other musical instruments. You are free to dance along to the lively and engaging music.


Museum at Tea Houses

Tea Houses museum exhibitsTea Houses museum exhibits

Sochi tea houses exhibitsSochi tea houses exhibitsOld Samovars at Sochi Tea HousesOld Samovars at Sochi Tea Houses

After the tea party take a relaxed walk around the house and see Museum exhibits that represent traditional items of a Russian noble household: samovars, wood crafts, painted folk clay figurines and tea sets, paintings, an old spinning wheel, embroidered hand towels and much more. The local tour guide will give you an interesting field lecture on the unique features of Russian tea, ways of processing and its long history.

In the souvenir shop you can buy various kinds of herbal tea with St. John's wort, peppermint, chamomile, thyme, black currant leaves and others.


Some say, Queen Victoria favored Russian tea, so come to Sochi to taste it for yourself and experience its charm too. 


Russian tea is a great present


Oh, and don’t forget to buy some for yourself and your friends as a present.

By the way, Josef Stalin was a big fan of tea as well. He loved drinking very strong black tea with jam, when he was taking rest in the famous Stalin's villa. 

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