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Sochi McDonald's

McDonald's famous food

If hunger hits you on-the-go, drop into the world's famous McDonalds in Sochi. Here you will have same-old French fries, your favorite Big Mac, ice cold Coca-Cola, fresh side salads, mouth-watering Chicken McNuggets, free Wi-Fi and much more that youre lovin so much. Though on the outside McDonalds restaurants look different, on the inside they look pretty much the same. And you can also expect the usual quality of food and services due to McDonalds consistency.
There are two McDonalds restaurants in Sochi, both of them situated on hot spots of the city - Sea Port and Railway Station. 
And make sure you order the locally famous twin-brother of French fries - Spicy potato wedges (Rus. Kartofel po' Derevenski)! Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, sprinkled with herbs and spices. So tasty you will lick your fingers! Are you lovin' it? 

Dodo Pizza

Dodo pizza in Sochi  

Looking for a family pizza place in Sochi where your kids will feel welcome and happy? Try Dodo Pizza a franchised fast food restaurant with quality food, services and a friendly atmosphere.

This restaurant boasts a great variety of pizzas (over twenty) with a unique taste as the founder developed a special pizza dough recipe. Besides the dough is prepared daily and is never delivered deep frozen or pre-cooked.
Making Pizza at Dodo 
Young or old, Dodo Pizza in Sochi will delight everybody with pizzas, rolls, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, corn on the cob, French fries as well as cheesecakes, muffins and cookies.
There is also a great choice of drinks: tea, iced tea, coffee, milk shakes, juices and bottled water.





 And you dont have to be bored waiting for your order, since you can always borrow a table game like Monopolia, Jenga, play table hockey and have fun with your friends and family members.



Dodo guests playing table games


Dodo Pizza is an absolutely kids-friendly fast food restaurant and features a playground that is fully equipped and safe even for toddlers. 



Kids having fun at Dodo pizza


On Sundays children can play and have a lot of fun with guest-animators. By midday kids can have a kitchen tour and a pizza-making class getting a great insight into how pizza is cooked. 
Pizza-making class for kids



 Pizza-making class at Dodo pizza


They will cook it starting with rolling out a piece of dough and experience the whole process of adding toppings, ending up with sealing the pizza box. Your kids will love this!


With a great variety of quality food this Sochi fast food restaurant is a great hangout for adults and kids of all ages. Once you try it, you will keep coming back!