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Sochi Railway Station

Sochi rail station

Many years ago Sochi railway station was a far cry from what it looks now. Since a railway was the most common way of getting here, Sochi desperately needed a beautiful gateway to accommodate more passengers as well as high-speed and commuter lines. The construction was run by the famous Soviet architect Nikolay Dushkin. Initially he designed several versions of the station building. The one you can see below was approved by Josef Stalin and so the construction work began.

Sochi rail station draft

On September 10, 1952 Sochi Rail station celebrated its Grand Opening and the architect received many approvals and awards.

Sochi clock

The station building stretches 145 m and is 3050 m wide. The clock tower is 55 m tall holding the four-faced chiming clock which is 5 m in diameter. As the main feature of the station, the clock bears an intriguing fact. The clock face is decorated with the zodiac signs, however the sequence is unusual. There is many speculations about the reason why Dushkin added "trackhounds, "a swan and "a snake, if they dont belong to the horoscope.
 Huge arches and majestic columns make the station building look grand and spacious.
Arches of Sochi Railway Station
 The building has three patios decorated with a fountain, sculptures, wooden benches. Through the high archways one can enjoy Sochi landscape with palm trees and flowers.

Sochi rail station

The sculpture of a Girl with a jug is one of the station symbols. However, it is a copy and the original statue is preserved at the city museum.

Sochi Railway Station Patio
Waiting for a train to arrive tourists can relax in a spacious waiting hall.

Waiting hall in Sochi Railway Station

The station building and the nearby territory was renovated for the Olympic Games Sochi 2014 and now modern trains connect Sochi to different destinations.

Lastochka train in Sochi

 Arriving in Sochi by train, it is easy for foreign travellers to find their way, since all the signs are in Russian/English. Tourists Information Center provides with guidlines on accommodation, car rental, excursions, places for eating-out and free-time activities.  

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