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Sochi exquisite restaurants


Sochi Brigantina restaurant

As one of the most exquisite restaurants in Sochi, Briganitna is very popular with locals and visitors alike. Here you will enjoy a very welcoming atmosphere and the world-renowned Mediterranean cuisine.


Situated right at the Sochi Sea Port it offers fine dining on the summer terrace and inside together with the best Mediterranean specialties like crabs, lobsters, scallops, muscles, oysters, see bass, snails and much more. Great selection of wines will perfectly pair every refined course and help create relaxing and romantic vibes.
The owners of the Brigantina restaurant are native French (a father and his son), so they very zealously maintain the original French recipes. Their gourmet masterpieces will carry you away to the French Riviera, as you enjoy mouth-watering escargot or onion soup with freshly baked baguette.

Sochi sun set

Brigantina is a great choice for fine dining in Sochi. And the breath-taking golden sun set will be an unforgettable climax to your perfect evening.

Grill'Age restaurant in Sochi

Grill'age restaurant in Sochi

As you walk in, you can tell right away that "GrillAge in Sochi is a high quality restaurant with gourmet quisine, first-class service and friendly atmosphere.

Grill'Age Menu

The rich menue offers a wide variety of food to please every guest. Meet-eaters will love to have their "piece of meet in a seductive form of a juicy grilled steak with vegetables.

Juicy grilled steak with vegetables

Those who favour sea food will be delighted by the taste of nicely cooked prawns, scallops, squid, octopus and locally cought muscles, veined rapa whelk and fish.

Sea food

Vegetarians will also have a big choice in food, prepared from locally grown vegetables and fruits.

Vegetarian food in Grill'Age

By the way, make sure to try the local specialty every Sochi guest haunts for fried Red mullet (Barabulia in Russia). The fine and delicate taste makes it very popular especially during the season (November-July), when it comes fresh from the sea every morning.
Fried Red Mullet - Barabulia in Russian

Unique Interior

Best interior designers have worked hard to make the restaurant look like a modern art museum full of mind-blowing exhibits, letting the guests experience not only the delicious food but also the aesthetic pleasure.
Modern design of the interior
 You don't expect to see vehicles on the wall in a fine restaurant.

Apart from that, relaxing melody in the background or famouse bands playing engaging music will realy add up to the unforgetable experience in "GrillAge Sochi restaurant. 

It is worth mentioning that the place is absolutely child-friendly and offers not only a kids menu, but also a fully equipped and safe kids room to play around.

Located right in the center of Sochi, GrillAge is a great pick for eating-out in a classy style.


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