» Arriving in Sochi by Train


Arriving in Sochi by Train

Sochi Railway Station is located in the very center of Sochi. It is a part of the North Caucasus Railway and serves as a frequent train connection to major cities such as Moscow, Kiev (Ukrain), Minsk (Belorussia), Sukhumi (Republic of Abkhazia) and as a commuter train (Lastochka) to nearby cities and local destinations.

Lastochka Train in Sochi

Cities commonly traveled to from this station: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Volgograd, Sukhumi, Gagra

The high-speed electric commuter train "Lastochka offers a convenient alternative to arriving by car in such Sochi destinations as Adler Airport, Olympic Park, Krasnaya Polyana and others. From the station building the fully automatic Lastochka train will take you straight to the Adler Airport terminal.

 Destination  Travel time
 Sochi Olympic Park  About 50 min
 Sochi Adler Airport  About 50 min
 Sochi Rosa Khutor (Krasnaya Polyana)  1hour 20 min


Sochi railway map


Sochi Railway station is relatively small, comparing it to Grand Central Terminal or a Berlin Hauptbahnhof. So it is almost impossible to get lost, besides there are signs in Russian/English saying where what is. However you might need to know what services the Sochi station provides. 


Book office:

Hours: Daily, 24/7

Tel.: +7 (862) 260-90-09

Automatic Left-luggage lockers:

Hours: 24/7

Tel.:  +7 (862) 292-22-35 

Tourist Information:

Hours: Daily, 9 am to 7 pm

Tel: +7 (862) 292-44-59 

There are several tourists information kiosks that provide accommodation options, maps, brochures, city tours, tickets for transport/cultural events, cars for rent and much more.


Sochi trainstation tourists information

Taxi and Car Rental:

"Caprise offers English speaking call operators and drivers. Tel.: +7 (918) 10-777-10 or +7 (928) 10-777-10 The world-renowned UBER also operates in Sochi.

Wi-Fi service:

Free open wi-fi hot-spots are available throughout the Sochi Railway station territory.

Country Code: 007
City Code: 862

Information Center:  +7 (862) 260-90-09

Manager in charge:  +7 (862) 292-22-35

Train Stations Manager: +7 (862) 292-22-95

Park Inn Hotel is situated just side by side with the Sochi train station. For your convenience use a preferred booking site to find accommodation in Sochi.

Note! As you walk out from the railway station, you will see Russian Babushkas holding pieces of paper. It is not a rally or some campaign. This is how they advertise their apartments for rent. 

Russian babushkas providing appartments for rent

The prices are $20-25 per day and are not the best bargain, since booking sites can offer lower prices. The only reason you should take a Babushkas apartment, is if you want to experience what it is like to live a Sochi citizens life: living in a Russian apartment house, watching Russian TV, shopping for groceries, mingling with the locals, getting to know the non-tourists side of Sochi.

Online booking:

These sites provide current and complete information on train tickets and time table.
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