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Arriving in Sochi by Plane

If you are planning to arrive in Sochi by plane, you will need to know some valuable information about the venue.
Sochi International Airport (AER) is located in Adler district about 28 kilometers away from Sochi downtown. Sochi Airport is capable to serve 2,500 passengers per hour (3,800 during the Olympic Games 2014) handling 40 airlines flying to 60 national and international destinations.

Sochi/Adler Ineternational Airport 
Sochi/Adler International Airport is in Top 10 Busiest Russian airports by national passenger traffic.


Sochi Airport Services

Information Desk

Located on the 2nd floor up the escalator.
Tel.: +7-800-333-1991 and +7-800-301-19-91

Left Luggage Facility

Left luggage facility is located on the 1st floor of the passenger terminal, in Sector C and is available 24/7.
Tel.: +7-918-903-16-76

Lost Luggage Office

Lost luggage office is located at the baggage claim area near carousel. If your luggage was not delivered, turn to an agent at the Lost luggage office and go through a routine procedure of filling out a claim form. Usually your luggage will be delivered to your hotel within 24 hours, in case it was mistakenly taken to another destination. Ask for a claim number or a phone number to track the status of your luggage delivery.

 Luggage Impounded by Customs

However, the reason why your luggage was not delivered might be that the Russian Customs did not let it in, due to some forbidden items kept inside. What should you do in this case?

Talk to the agent to find out the ways how and where you can receive your luggage. In case with Sochi, there is only two ways to get it back if the Custom refuses to let your luggage in. 

  • You can have your luggage delivered via third country. In Sochi case it is only Tashkent, Uzbekistan (at least it used to be in April, 2016). But chances are slim that your luggage will not get stuck there for days or a week.
  • A better option is to have your luggage sent back to your home country or have it kept at the custom control for you to pick it up on your way back.

I advise you to write a letter to the Reclamation Department manager at LF@aer.basel.aero to get a better support or have the case handled faster.

You can also call them 8(862)249-77-74 or 8(988)233-61-18

Car Rental

There is a few approved transfer agencies which desks are located at the domestic arrival terminal.

Sochi rent a car                                                                         
Sochi Rent-a-Car is an approved company delivering services of European quality. You can rent a car on-line and an agent will welcome you at the arrival terminal with a shield and help you fill out the necessary forms.

Phone: +7(988) 282-97-97

E-mail: rent@sochirentacar.ru 
Web-site: sochirentacar.ru


Europcar is one of the global brands in the car rental market with European quality of services. The Europcar rental office is located at the Domestic arrival terminal.

Phone: +7(909) 424-26-28
E-mail: booking@europcar.ru
Web-site: www.europcar.ru


rent a car


Rentmotors is one of the largest companies in the car rental market with over 2,800 vehicles.

Phone: +7(862) 233-43-03
E-mail: sochi@rentmotors.ru         

Web-site: www.rentmotors.ru 

auto rental

AVIS is the world leader in car rental industry with offices in over 170 countries.
You can find their office at the Domestic arrival terminal on the first floor, Sector B. 

Phone: +7 928 848 15 51 or 8 800 250 12 13 (Toll free number in Russia)
E-mail: sochi@avis-rentacar.ru 
Web-site: www.avisrussia.ru

Pharmacy, souvenir shops, clothing stores, cafes, coffee shops, vending machines and toilets are located mostly on the second floor up the escalator.



Getting to Sochi/Krasnaya Polyana ski resort

By Bus

The Bus stop is located at the Domestic arrival terminal entrance. Busses heading to Sochi depart every 15 min. Busses 105, 105c (faster) will take you directly to downtown in about 50 minutes. They also run to Krasnaya Polyana ski-resort. The bus fair should be paid in Roubles directly to the driver upon exiting the bus. Make sure you have some small change, not necessarily the exact sum of money.

By the local commuter "Lastochka

The train station is located close to the International arrival terminal. Follow the signs or turn left as you exit the airport and go straight forward. Buy your ticket at automatic ticket vending machines or a ticket office. It is a 50-min ride to Sochi downtown by Lastochka and 40 min to Krasnaya Polyana.

By taxi

The approved taxi offices are located at the domestic arrival terminal. Depending on traffic, getting to Sochi by taxi can take you about an hour and will cost you around $25, $35 to Krasnaya Polyana.

It is strongly advised not to take rides from drivers soliciting in the domestic arrival hall and at the airports exit, since they are not officially approved. Often times they may behave very desperate and needy. Do NOT buy in!

Contact Information

Airport Manager:

Tel.: +7 (8622) 41-91-51, +7 (8622) 49-72-11
Fax: + 7 (8622) 40-00-32
E-mail: airportsochiK@aer.basel.aero and info@basel.aero
Web-site: http://basel.aero/en/
Postal address: International Sochi Airport, 354355, Adler district, Sochi, The Russian Federation


I am wishing you a safe flight, smooth landing and a great time in Sochi!

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