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About Sochi

Sochi and Palm trees

Beautiful palm trees, sandy beaches and hot weather is not what most of the new-comers expect to see in Sochi. We, Russians, always get to hear, that most of the foreigners believe Russia is a very cold country. There is Siberia, sub-zero temperatures, everything is covered with snow, let alone the wide-spread rumor about the bears wondering around accompanied by drunken muzhiks.
Muzhik and a bear
But thanks to the Olympics many people around the globe, used the chance to come to Russia and see Sochi for themselves.
Sochi sign

The Pearl of Russia

Sochi is the most famous beach resort in Russia and is often referred to as "The Pearl of Russia. Since it is like a precious gem rests among the high Caucasus Mountains on one side and the warm mild Black Sea on the other.
Sochi Pearl of Russia     
As the unofficial summer capital of Russia, Sochi has everything to offer: pebbly beaches, nice cafes, comfortable spa-hotels, shady parks for those looking for a passive kind of vacation in Sochi and skiing, snowboarding, paragliding for those who love active experiences.

Krasnaya Polyana

And there is more! Hugged by the high Caucasus Mountains there is a nice remote village called Krasnaya Polyana. Over the past years it was turned to a ski resort with western standard of services in order to host the Winter Olympics 2014.

Krasnaya Polyana ski resort

In the mid-season (sometimes in November, but mostly in February-March) you can literally go sun-bathing on the beach, relaxing under the mild sunshine sipping a cocktail or eating a refreshing ice-cream


Sochi Beach


and then, take a speed train to Krasnaya Polyana and enjoy skiing or snowboarding, rushing down the snowy slopes.

Krasnaya Polyana slopes

The phenomenon that makes it possible is called "February Windows. It is a short period of really warm days in February when temperature sometimes gets high up to 25 degrees on the coastal area. If you were here during the Olympics, you have experienced it and know for sure what I am talking about.

Summer in Sochi

The Summer season lasts from early May until late October and the official opening is a huge deal here in Sochi. Everybody is out celebrating with their families and friends. On the biggest squares people enjoy music, funfairs, delicious food, sports activities, sideshows, spectacular carnival and a huge fireworks show.

Sochi Carnival

By that time there is already very many tourists wandering around, enjoying Sochi events, relaxing on the beach and sightseeing. Every year 2-3 millions of vacation-goers visit Sochi during the summer season. And it is very reach in festivals and events: Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, International Aqua Jazz festival, World Choir Games, International Yoga Day 2016 in Sochi and others.

Winter in Sochi

The winter season begins in December and ends in April. And if you want to enjoy it, you should go to Krasnaya Polyana, since it hardly ever snows in the Sochi downtown. And winter in Sochi looks really weird and exotic, with palm trees, subtropical plants and the beach all covered with snow.

Winter In Sochi Snow

No matter in which season you choose to visit Sochi, you will not be disappointed. There is always something special to see, whether it is the Black Sea, the Krasnaya Polyana, Olympic Park, Sochi downtown, mineral springs or caves.